About our school

Here at Creative Learning Center we strive to offer experiences that maximize children’s learning and development, providing each child with a foundation for a successful educational career. We encourage families to visit and see the learning process happen within the classrooms while creating a positive environment for all learners.

Our skilled and experienced teachers are compassionate, loving, devoted and excited to journey alongside each student while guiding them through their early learning years. We teach our children to think creatively to develop positive self-concepts, and to positively interact with peers and adults. Our hands on curriculum emphasizes math, language, cultural studies, creative arts, music and movement, self-care skills and dramatic play.

school activities
school activities
school activities

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Creative Learning Center is to provide the children in our care with an education that will enable them to grow and learn; to ask questions; to explore their surroundings and to achieve success.

We do this with instructional, intellectual, social, emotional and physical care. We foster development and success in each of these areas for all learners. From self-control to self-image we help build and develop a healthy desire to learn within their environment. Our goal is to provide a developmentally appropriate program to help stimulate a child’s natural interest.

  • Meals
    • CLC provides healthy meals and snacks prepared on-site in our kitchen
    • We provide Breakfast, Lunch and an Afternoon Snack.
    • Our goal is to provide children with opportunity to try new foods, while maintaining the necessary USDA regulated requirements.
  • Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ)
    • Each year families help us to gain insight on your child's development and help us to develop individualized curriculum. This is our first step in building a strong partnership with your family. This form is completed within the first 45 days of enrollment and every year thereafter.
  • Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP)
    • Teachers routinely record observations and use the DRDP tool to assess children's development
    • The teachers use the information gathered to plan intentional activities to help further the children's development based on their individual needs. The information is shared with families to support the learning process and to implement learning strategies at home and further that family partnership.
  • Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) or Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS)
    • Each teacher using the ECERS/ITERS tool when setting up the classroom environments.
    • Our environments are rated yearly to provide an engaging and educational place for children to learn
  • Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)
    • Our center performs a yearly assessment using the CLASS tool both within our center and by an independent agency. The tool helps us to focus on the daily conversations and interactions between staff and children. Language and Social Emotional support is a key ingredient in the children's educational careers. The tool also measures classroom organization and instructional support.
  • Parent/ Teacher Conferences
    • Our teaching staff offer conferences twice a year to share information and experiences about your child's development. DRDP and ASQ's are also shared to be able to work together with your family to ensure a home/school connection.
  • Curriculum
    • our curriculum is emergent and play based. The teachers use the information gathered during observations and parent/teacher conferences to develop individualized activities and lesson plans. Children learn through play and being able to offer them a safe environment to make mistakes and learn is one of our key goals.
  • Resources
    • Parenting Classes offered throughout the year on various subjects ranging from Positive Discipline, Literacy, Nutrition and so many more.
    • Parenting Classes are available for any parent or family member. Free to all community members
    • offered in the evening so parents will be able to attend
    • Taught by well-educated staff or partnering organizations.