pre-school child
pre kindergarten


  • Infants- ages 6 weeks to 2 years - Our infant program offers only full time hours. You may choose to bring your child between our daily operation schedule.
    • Ratios 1 adult to 4 children
    • Infants are exposed to language, literacy, music/movement and developmentally appropriate creative art activities. Staff support all areas of development based on the child's individual needs.
      • Our infant center is nurturing and supports your child's development.
      • We offer learning through hands on exploration and interactions. We want to foster a trusting relationships with each family. We promote learning through the four learning foundations of development.
        • Social Emotional
        • language
        • Cognitive
        • Perceptual and Motor

Toddlers- Ages 2 to 3

Children learn through their senses. We offer our toddlers the opportunity to explore the world around them by providing activities and curriculum based on their needs.

The teachers offer art, math, music/movement, sensory, hands on activities, and outdoor activities to help your toddler make sense of the world.

The environment is saturated with language to help toddlers navigate through social interactions among peers and with adults.

Preschool- age 3 years to 5

Our classrooms are combined age group learning environments. This allows the children to learn from one another and fosters sharing their knowledge with others. As children master a skill they are able to teach it to their younger peers. This ability demonstrates a true understanding and gives children a huge boost of confidence. The younger peers benefit by having a teacher that facilitates independence and nurturing.

The preschool environment offers children the opportunity to learn Math, Art, Language/Literacy, Science, and dramatic play daily through intentional activities set up based on the child's needs.